Ferguson, Missouri:
Militarized Police?
Police Brutality?

August, 2014:

I find myself bemused with the national discussion and concern
about militarized police and police brutality in Ferguson, MO.

It was vividly, and widely, evident during the Occupy movement.
Were only Occupiers paying attention?

In fact, some people didn't understand Occupy.
Some (primarily right-wingers) hated it.
Corporate media wasn't about to cover it in depth.
"Militarized" police were simply ignored.
Some undoubtedly cheered as Occupiers were attacked.

A few pictures follow.

D.C. victim 11/04/2011

Denver: Beaten Occupier 10/29/2011

Oakland: Injured Occupier 10/25/2011

Oakland 10/25/2011

Oakland 10/25/2011

Phoenix 10/15/2011

Occupy police brutality was overlooked and/or forgotten,
undoubtedly so will be the Ferguson police action.

                        Goodbye Occupy


You inspired hope.

It's too bad you couldn't get your act together.


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